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  • Online Classes

  • Monday Afternoon Drop-In Meditation Group

    Join Us ONLINE via Zoom every Monday, 4:00 - 5:15pm Pacific Time... 
    (please arrive by 3:55 to help us begin on time)

    Insight (mindfulness) Meditation classes are for anyone interested in sitting with a group in supported silence. Instructions and guided meditations focus on developing awareness, compassion, and wisdom. Drawing on both Buddhist and secular mindfulness perspectives, each class includes a talk, silent meditation, and group discussion.

    Everyone is Welcome... both beginning and seasoned meditators. Come anytime! 
    Mondays 4:00-5:15pm Pacific Time

  • Fall Practice Intensive

    Energize and deepen your practice with a small group of dedicated practitioners. Throughout the Intensive, we'll focus on meditation - why we practice, what brings us back, how we practice and what we're learning giving particular attention to practices that support our resilience as we navigate these very challenging times. 

    This Insight Meditation intensive is designed for those with established meditation practices. Each two-hour session will include meditation, dharma exploration and time to talk with each other. It’s a special opportunity for those wishing to deepen their connection to sangha, our spiritual community of friends, and to the teachings of awareness, compassion and wisdom.

    Oct 2nd, 2020
    Class Size:
  • The Way of the Heart; the Buddha's Teachings on Love

    What makes a meaningful life?
    What do you know to be true?
    What is the most important thing?

    Come join us for a timely and inspiring exploration of enduring everyday heart practices that support and engage our lives with clarity, balance, and love. Drawing on the Buddha's teachings of the Paramis (the Perfections of the Heart), each two-hour session includes a talk, meditation, the gentle movement practice of qigong, along with time to talk with each other.

    Grown out of the foundation of mindful awareness, the topics include: Generosity, Ethics, Letting Go, Wisdom, Energy, Patience, Truthfulness, Determination, Lovingkindness and Equanimity. 

    Oct 7th, 2020

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